Election Officer Compensation


This sign-up form is active through Sunday May 19th, 2024. If you would like to be added to the list after 11:59pm on May 19th, 2024, please call the Laurel County Clerk’s office at (606) 864-5158 with your sign-up information so we may manually add you to the Election Results contact list.

The Elections department performs a variety of duties in relation to the election process.  Some of these duties include

  • Processing of voter registration applications
  • Maintaining voter registration records
  • Maintenance and Security of voting machines and Election equipment
  • Filing official for all local candidate filings
  • Conducting Absentee voting
  • Assist the Laurel County Board of Elections in coordinating all Elections
  • Management and preservation of all Election related records for Laurel County

Brandon Kilburn
Election Supervisor

[email protected]

Important Election Dates

DECEMBER 31, 2023

Last day to change political party affiliation and be eligible to vote in that political party’s upcoming

January 5, 2024

Candidate filing deadline: last day to file nomination papers for candidates who must run in primary to file a statement of candidacy form with the same office at which nomination papers are filed

 January 11, 2024 (2:00p.m.)

Public drawing for ballot position in offices of Secretary of State and county clerks

 September 21st, 2024

Online mail-in absentee request portal to open (45 days before the election)

October 7th, 2024

Last day to register to vote for the General

October 22nd, 2024

Online mail-in absentee request portal to close at 11:59pm (14 days before the election)

October 23rd, 2024 – October 30th, 2024

Excused In-person Absentee voting: Qualified voters may make application to cast an absentee ballot in the Laurel County Clerk’s Office during our normal business hours during this time

October 31st, 2024 – November 2nd, 2024 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday; 8:00am – 4:00pm)

No-Excuse In-person Absentee voting (Early Voting): All Laurel County voters may cast their vote at the Laurel County Courthouse Annex Building located at 107 S Broad St, London KY 40741 during this time

November 5th, 2024

General Election Day

Election Information

Candidate Filings can be found here

Secure Absentee Ballot Drop Box location:

Laurel County Clerk’s office: 101 S Main St Rm 203, London KY 40741

Laurel County Board of Elections

The Laurel County Election Commission consists of the county clerk, the sheriff, and two members appointed by the State Board of Elections. Some of the duties of the board include:

  • Division of Laurel County into Election precincts
  • Establishment of voting places for precincts
  • Appointment and training of all Election Officers
  • Examination and approval of all voting machines prior to any Election in Laurel County
  • Tabulation of Absentee Ballots
  • Certification of all Laurel County Election results

Tony Brown

(Chairman/County Clerk)

John Root


Kenneth Finley

(Democratic Commissioner)

Deirdre Brewer

(Republican Commissioner)

Phone:  (606) 864-5158
FAX:  (606) 864-7369
Email:  [email protected]

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